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Such a great festival! Given the unusual circumstances, the entire process was simple and smooth and Peter Koevari, the point man, was gracious and generous and professional, though I'm sure he was pulling his hair out behind the scenes. Not an easy thing pulling of an awards festival in a pandemic, but AFIN did it with true Oz style! Thanks for accepting our movie and thanks for our lovely prizes!

Neil Marshall (Director - Game of Thrones, The Reckoning, The Descent, Hellboy)


This is one of the best festivals, ever. Great communication and we had to compete with the best films in the world, highly competitive, If you are looking for great exposure and completion, this is the right festival.

Deepak Reddy (Director - Manasanamaha)


Thrilled to have been nominated for an AFIN award and placed as a semi-finalist for another! The communication from this event was excellent throughout, and it was great to see them put together an excellent COVID-safe in-person event (as well as, thankfully, streaming options for those who resided too far away to attend). Offering notes to all participants is a tremendously generous offer, given the relatively low price of submission. Big congrats all around.

Shane Walsh-Smith (Screenwriter - Surface Tension)


About AFIN International

AFIN International Film Festival celebrates and showcases excellence in filmmaking and storytelling from emerging and established filmmakers and screenwriters, from every corner of the globe.

Live Events

Entries are selected and screened based on their artistic value, originality, globally distributable appeal, production values/quality, and narrative content. The festival includes live screening nights in Brisbane, Australia which are attended by film makers and film lovers alike, and a formal red carpet awards night.

Sales Agents & Distributors

We have direct links with international sales agents and distributors and make special introductions for certain awards winners (Best Feature and Best Australian Film), to assist them in achieving success.

Expansion of this arm of AFIN is coming in 2021

Networking & Global Connection

An open, and market orientated film industry event, AFIN supports innovation and exploration in film, and provides networking opportunities for local and international film makers.
AFIN aims to aid in the development and encouragement of film makers regardless of nationality or experience level, and revels in supporting worldwide cultural exchange via cinematic experience.

Truly Equal Playing Field

We value, and seek to recognise films and screenplays which are engaging, thought provoking, and innovative; be that through concept originality, or exploring narrative, premise or style in a new way.

AFIN selects films which celebrate and execute high production values, but also understands that budget restraints can sometimes factor into technical production constraints, and takes this into consideration when making official selections.

Feedback for Entrants

AFIN aims to provide a platform for filmmakers and writers to be seen and heard as best as possible. With this goal, filmmakers don't need to submit their projects for multiple categories to be considered for different awards: in fact, each project only needs to be submitted for one category.
With each submission, the project will be considered for several awards, and every entry will be offered feedback. All of this happens with a very affordable price.


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